Treaty of Versailles
This treaty was signed in the historical Versailles peace conferences summoned by the victors of the First World War (1914-1918) i.e. the Allies (Russia, France, and Britain).

Human existence is today undergoing one of the biggest crises threatening our collective existence if not dealt with stringent measures. COVID- 19 pandemic also led us to adopt new habits and change the way how we led our life. It has an unparalleled impact on our life.
In the wake of this, let’s have a look at some of the most deeply impactful events that changed the world forever.

Treaty of Versailles (1919-1920):
This treaty was signed in the historical Versailles peace conferences summoned by the victors of the First World War (1914-1918) i.e. the Allies (Russia, France, and Britain).

Although this meeting was called to make peace settlements and agreements with the Central Powers (Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Turkey) and lead away to a peaceful future for humanity but the outright compensation laid on the aggressors aka Central powers was one of the reasons behind the trigger of the second world war (1939-1945).

This treaty also marked the establishment of democratic institutions replacing the former autocratic regimes.

The Great Depression (1929-1933):
The hollowness of the industrialized economies was laid Treaty bare as the global economy plunged to its worst economic conditions.

The domino began with the earth-shattering stock market crash in 1929 as the large bubbles built on superficial speculations burst. Following this hit, the Dustbowl in the early 1930s worsened the scale of impact.

According to reports, the global GDP shrunk by 26.7% as the Treaty unemployment rate stood at a record 24.9% which is the global peak even today.

The entire incident results in massive unemployment which led to the failure of companies and industrial concerns as the expenditure by the consumer stranded while pumping of investments also almost stopped.

Around 15 million Americans were rendered jobless as almost fifty percent of the banking corporations of the United States collapsed.

The Second World War (1939-1945):
League of Nations failed as countries quitted the institution, Nazi regime was on the rise as he was beginning with the Holocaust while the victors Treaty of WWI were following the policy of appeasement kept mum on Italy, Germany and Japanese expansionist policies.

The invasion of Poland finally triggered the acceleration as the world stepped in another global war. This deadly and inhuman lasted Treaty for six years with it coming to an end with the surrender of Japan following the USA’s use of atomic bombs and subsequent surrender of other Axis powers.

Humanity released how deadly a war can be and how a third war could lead to an end of existence. This paved the way for the formation of the United Nations whose membership was open to all peace-loving nations.

Fall of the Berlin Wall (Nov. 1991):
This marked the end of one of the most intense war as Treaty well as the longest war ever, the Cold War. The whole world was divided between two power blocs, the Communist bloc led by the USSR and the Democratic bloc led by the United States of America. Berlin wall symbolized the differences between the ideologies pertaining to Eastern and Western Europe.

The fall of the wall was a landmark moment as the Treaty Soviet Union and Eastern Europe embraced democratic ideals. This also led to the emergence of the USA as the all and sole superpower in the world.

Covid-19 pandemic (2020-Present):
While it would be quite early to ascertain the scale of impact that this pandemic has brought to the human civilization but it is confirmed to Treaty have some deep marks on our society. The policymakers have already come up with measures top recoup from the pandemic but one thing that remains certain is that this virus is here to stay.

“The world will either use this crisis to come together, rebuild and usher in a more humane, climate-friendly environment. Or, if it remains bad, obdurate learner, the world and we all- will slide into something worse”

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