The trailer of ‘Scam 1992’ takes the internet by storm: fans cannot wait for the financial thriller to premiere on 9th October

The story of the biggest financial s-cam in India, ‘Scam 1992, The Harshad Mehta Story’. Based on a book ‘The Scam’ by Debashis Das and Sucheta Dalal, this October Sony LIV is bringing to us a series about a man named Harshad Shantilal Mehta who was not afraid to take risks and dived into the risky world of the stock market to make a name for himself and win at the game of life and wealth. Set in the 80s, the series, as expected from the trailer that was released on October 1st, will capture every essence of 80s Bombay. From the intriguing wealth to the risks of fraud, the genius of Harshad might make you want to ask, “Is he an idiot?” or “Harshad is a hero?”

Harshad, played by Pratik Gandhi was famous or rather infamous due to his master plan of security fraud that makes the series an intriguing financial thriller.  While he might seem undefeated, we find a journalist Sucheta Dalal who rightly says “Every single penny belongs to the people of India” and is hell-bent on exposing Harshad Mehta and his scam. The character of the strong and passionate journalist is played by Shreya Dhanwantry who has already impressed the audience by her performance in The Family Man and A Viral Wedding.

The series by Hansal Mehta is all about Harshad Mehta who explores the loopholes in the Bombay stock market and exploits them to claim the throne and create history. And the viewers already believe no one other than Pratik Gandhi could have played the part better. The series also boasts a strong cast which includes acclaimed and talented rising stars like Pratik Gandhi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Sharib Hashmi, Satish Kaushik, Rajat Kapoor Anant Mahadevan, Nikhil Dwivedi, KK Raina and Lalit Parimoo.

Back in 2018, Hansal Mehta had passionately talked about how the book had caught his attention long back and the idea of a movie had popped up in his mind but the project did not fall through. He expressed his unbridled excitement on creating a series on the same book, eventually.  “I had read The Scam many years ago and even toyed with the idea of making it into a film. The film never got made! I believe every story has its destiny. With our newspapers screaming scam every single day, I think the time for telling these stories was just right. When Sameer and I met to discuss what we could do together, and he offered this subject to me, I had to say yes! I have a lot of respect for Sameer and his knack of choosing content that is relevant and has the potential for mass viewership. I’m looking forward to bringing this thrilling drama to life!”

The shooting for the series wrapped up on March of 2020 after a long 85 days shoot that spanned over “6 months, 550 pages, 170+ characters and 200+ locations” as per the Tweet of Hansal Mehta himself.

“It was tough but eventually satisfying. A great team saw this (and is still seeing it) through all the limitations and adversities. #Scam1992 is THEIR show. Thank you team!”, said the Tweet.

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