Pollutions And It’s Types

pollution and it's types

Pollution is the name of damage to natural elements or changes in their composition. In the present time, whenever we talk about topics related to the environment, one such issue that often comes in front of us is pollution. Nowadays, we often see in television, newspapers, etc., that pollution has increased so much that it has resulted in diseases, harm to animals and birds, etc. The combination of substances or contaminants in the air is referred to as pollution. These contaminants have several negative side effects when they are combined with our natural resources. Pollution’s consequences result in issues for people ranging from mild illnesses to existential crises. Because of his selfishness, man has hacked down trees without discrimination. As a result, the environment has lost its equilibrium. The main cause of this imbalance is pollution.

Causes of Pollution:-

Following are the main reasons for pollution-

1. Deforestation

Another key factor in the continual clearing of forests is the growing population. One of the key reasons for environmental deterioration is deforestation. The air is cleaned by trees. This is showing its effects in the form of global warming. since trees release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the surroundings.

2. Industries

Mick gas was once produced by the American Union Carbide facility to create pesticide compounds. On the night of December 2-3, 1984, manufacturing at this gas facility experienced a toxic mic gas leak that resulted in almost 2500 fatalities and tens of thousands of injuries in just a few hours. Numerous animals also perished. Bhopal Gas Tragedy is the name given to this tragedy. These phenomena are covered because it serves as an illustration of the pollution brought on by industrialization. In addition, everyone on earth is aware of the catastrophic effects of the August 6–August 9 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The air pollution that resulted from it has still not helped Japan. 

3. The issue is getting worse because there are more waste materials and there aren’t enough options for proper disposal. Waste materials from businesses and residences are stored and burned outdoors, polluting the land, the air, the water, and the sound.  

4. Both natural and human-made factors, including numerous human activities, contribute to pollution. The main contributors to this pollution are growing pesticide use, a lack of choices for disposing of industrial and agricultural waste, deforestation, rising urbanization, acid rain, and mining. All of these issues impede agricultural endeavors and contribute to several animal and human diseases. Pollution is rising due to population expansion as well.

Types of Pollution:-

1. Air Pollution

The smoke from factories and automobiles is the primary cause of air pollution, which is thought to be the most hazardous type of pollution. The unhealthy smoke coming from these sources makes it difficult for individuals to breathe. Growing industry and automobiles have greatly increased air pollution day after day. It has led to numerous lung and bronchitis-related health issues.

2. Water Pollution

Sometimes, garbage from homes and businesses mixes with that from industries, polluting rivers and other water sources as a result. Due to the vast amount of plastic garbage, chemical waste, and other non-biodegradable debris discovered in our rivers, which were formerly thought to be pure and holy, many diseases are now present.

3. Soil Pollution

Waste from both home and industrial sources that are not dumped in water remains dispersed on the ground. Although there have been numerous attempts to recycle and reuse it, this has not shown any appreciable results. As a result of this land pollution, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects begin to proliferate there, spreading diseases that affect both humans and other animals.

4. Noise Pollution

Loud noise machines operating in factories and other loud noise devices produce noise pollution. Along with this, loudspeakers and the noise that fireworks make contribute to an increase in noise pollution from moving vehicles. Humans experience mental stress mostly as a result of noise pollution, which also impairs hearing and has many other negative consequences on the brain.

5. Light Pollution

The production of excessive amounts of light in a space results in light pollution. The excessive usage of lighting devices in urban areas results in light pollution. Light pollution is increased by things that create too much light unnecessarily, which is problematic in many ways.

6. Radioactive Pollution

The term “radioactive pollution” describes the pollution that unwelcome radioactive materials cause to build up in the atmosphere. The detonation and testing of weapons, as well as mining, among other things, produce radioactive pollution. Additionally, the waste materials produced by nuclear power plants also contribute to an increase in radioactive pollution.

7. Thermal Pollution

Heating Pollution The primary cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a coolant in numerous businesses. Aquatic organisms are forced to deal with issues like water temperature changes and an oxygen shortage as a result.

Measures to Prevent Pollution

It can be decreased by making a few minor lifestyle adjustments.

1. Use products that degrade quickly because it is simple to dispose of biodegradable garbage.

2. Vegetables and fruits should be grown organically and without the use of pesticides.

3. Avoid the use of poly bags and plastic utensils and objects

because plastic, whatever its form, is difficult to discard.

5. Use cloth or paper bags.

6. Waste is separated by placing wet and dry trash in different trash cans. The government of India has already begun this program, and numerous green and blue trash cans have been placed in various locations throughout the nation’s cities.

7. Use papers judiciously because each year many trees are cut down to manufacture paper. This contributes to pollution. Experimenting with digital media is a wise choice.

8. Make use of a broom and reusable duster.

9. Pollution causes harm. Inform your family and acquaintances about this.

10. It is improper to dispose of household trash in the open.

11. Mineral substances should also be used carefully so that they can be used in the future also. Can it

12. We should also pollute the air less and plant more and more trees so that acid rain can be stopped. h. Can it

13. If we want to live a better life and want purity in the atmosphere, the forests have to be protected.

14. We should use such things which we can use again. 


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