From the Chairman’s Desk: Shri A K Shrivastava (Asia Pacific Institute of Management)

Shri A K Shrivastava ( Chairman of Asia Pacific Institute of Management)

Globally, the healthcare industry remains one of the most in-demand professions. Anybody currently looking for a profession with a future would do well to explore the Fastest Growing Sectors in Health Care. Not only the Health Care Sector is ever-growing and growing faster than any other industry but jobs in this sector come with much stability and higher than average earning potential. Any sector within health care would be an excellent career choice as health care management will always be within the top five sectors. 

Now we come to the question, ‘What is Health Care Management’?

When one hears about Health Care, one is likely to picture doctors, nurses, attendants, and other medical providers, not an administrator with a Health Care Management degree. However, medical professionals and experts wouldn’t be able to focus on patients without professional expert support guaranteeing that clinics and hospitals have the gear, funds, and faculty important for first-class care. Healthcare administration is the management of all the non-clinical functions involved in operating a healthcare facility, from everyday activities from staffing to budgeting and strategic planning and managing finances for long-term success and smooth running of the healthcare facility or system. It is the process of managing and dealing with every aspect of the business side of delivering top-notch healthcare services. Skilled healthcare administrators establish an environment wherein healthcare providers are able to practice both effectively and efficiently. It also creates a haven for people to receive safe, compassionate, and comfortable health services.

The right education and skills needed for this field.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management

Degree programs are available at both Bachelor and Master’s Level, in both a traditional classroom setup or through online universities. With a bachelor’s degree, most positions are at the base level. One may want to procure their bachelor’s degree, try their hand at few jobs in healthcare management and, then apply for an executive master’s program so that they can acquire their degree while working. A master’s in Health Care Management prepares the student for top levels of management. 

An assortment of abilities is required to fit in this job profile. One should tighten up their organizational and authoritative skills, as there is no scope for making errors and rather one has to be alert and vigilant all the time.

One should have a basic knowledge of computers and Data Analytics. A lot of health care facilities have records that are advanced nowadays and recorded on computers so a health care administrator needs to realize how to explore a mechanized record framework and use the information.  Executives are additionally liable for employing, preparing, and terminating staff. Relationship building abilities are an unquestionable requirement for any individual who needs to fill this position. From recruiting a decent contender for the workplace to motivating the group to cooperate and be at their general proficiency, to having to let someone go. One needs to be a team worker as well as a team leader, having interpersonal abilities can help a health care manager succeed.

What Asia Pacific Institute Of Management has to offer the students.

Shri A K Shrivastava

Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, is running the AIU approved MBA healthcare in collaboration with a top Russian University, RUDN University, Moscow. This course is designed to produce a quality healthcare management specialist who will gain a managerial position in the healthcare industry. Asia Pacific Institute of Management has got 7th rank amongst all B-school of Delhi, and RUDN University is one of the top Universities in the world.



1.First Time in India, Asia Pacific Institute of Management offers AIU approved International Degree in Healthcare Management

2. Provide International MBA degree at affordable cost

3. Provide opportunity to Study at RUDN, Moscow, Russia

4. 100% Placement Assistance By Asia Pacific Institute of Management & RUDN, Moscow, Russia

5. Offers international curriculum recognised by RUDN University and vetted by healthcare experts of India

6. Curriculum includes the comprehensive Russian language session.

7. 1st to 3rd semester will be in Asia Pacific Institute of Management campus and complete 4th at RUDN University, Moscow.

8. From 2020 this program is open for the students of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well.

Medical services will undergo important changes in the next few years, as the pandemic has accelerated or disrupted trends. Medical services, similar to any industry, stands to profit by great administration. The expanding number of MBA medical services specializations, tracks, and affirmations is a demonstration of the ability and initiative aptitudes currently transforming the health care sector. Assessing, responding, and planning for a future crisis will be a great test of management. If it’s organized and managed effectively, it could prevent a future pandemic. 

A K Shrivastava Chairman Asia Pacific Institute of Management

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