GUJARAT India is currently under lockdown due to the increasing number of COVID -19 cases. The total number of coronavirus patients in India increased to 118,447. There were 66,330 active coronavirus patients in the country. On the brighter side, nearly 40% of the total coronavirus patients were recovered so far. More than 48,000 have been cured of the deadly infection. The epicentres of the COVID -19 situation include Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tami Nadu and Delhi.

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COVID -19 is vanquishing the Gujarat government with an enormous hike in the coronavirus cases. On Thursday, Gujarat recorded 371 active cases of COVID -19 and 24 deaths. The single-day cases in Gujarat dropped from GUJARAT close to 400 cases. However, the gush in the COVID -19 active cases is the greatest in areas of Ahmedabad and Kutch. With newly recorded cases, the state’s total number of positive cases has crossed 12,900 and death toll at 773. Out of the total COVID – 19 positive patients In Gujarat,773 have lost their lives, 5488 have been
discharged and 6649 are either under observation or under quarantine. Out of those under observation, 52 are still on the ventilator.

Almost half of all the Covid-19 GUJARAT deaths are from 1 Ahmedabad Hospital. The Ahmedabad civil hospital recorded almost half of the coronavirus infection deaths in Gujarat, henceforth becoming the COVID -19 kirkyard. According to the data given by the city civic body, a reported news agency Press Trust of India, 351 patients have capitulated to the disease in the Ahmedabad civil hospital located near the Asarwa area. the main civil hospital, located in the Asarwa area, has allotted 1200 beds to treat the COVIID -19 patients.

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It is also considered as one of the biggest civic-run medical facilities in Asia. As per the data provided by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, so far 338 patients have been discharged from the civil hospital after GUJARAT recovery and 351 patients have lost their lives. There is a general apprehension or uneasiness among the people of the state due to the alarming increase in the death toll due to the shortage of doctors and nursing staff.

As per the data provided by the state government, about 5 per cent of the total population in Gujarat is under circumscription GUJARAT with the highest number of COVID -19 patients in Ahmedabad. It is rightly said that “unity is strength, the division is weakness”. We should not forget that our fight is against the coronavirus and not against humans so we all should unite and win over coronavirus.

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