TikTok ratings falling, Netizens calling for Ban.

All this mess started leading to a controversy between two social media influencers on YouTube and Tiktok. Internet users have brought down the star rating of Tiktok from 4.6 stars to just 1.2 stars in a couple of days and are calling out for the ban of this app Tiktok. This application is owned by a Chinese company ByteDance.

TikTok ratings falling-NewsORB360

A version of this app namely TikTok Lite which works on the low-end smartphones is also a victim of the outrage and the ratings of this app also dropped down to 1.1 stars. According to the company, Tiktok saw 108 million downloads in the month of April where about 25% of downloads were only from India and it has about 200 million monthly users. The spokesperson of the National Commission of Women has stated that they will write to govt to ban the app across the country as a number of videos on the app are showing cruelty towards women, animals and are affecting the youth of the country. 

TikTok ratings falling-NewsORB360

All this mess started when a video by a youtube celebrity Carryminati (Ajey Nagar) was taken down on the grounds of Cyberbullying. In this video Carryminati roasted a Tik tok star, which got about 70 million likes and was on the urge of becoming most liked nonmusical video which outraged his fans and eventually lead his fans to start tweeting about banning of the Chinese app Tik tok from the country. Also a Tiktok influencer Faizal Siddiqui was accused of promoting violence against women in his videos. Faizal Siddiqui has about 12 million followers in his Tiktok account. Later he apologized for his mistake but Tiktok banned his account. Just to remind Tiktok was earlier banned by Madras High Court in 2019 for three months for the allegation of propagating sexual content on the platform. 

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