These pictures will make you fall in love with Antilia – Residence

Antilia Among all the stunning apartments of our favorite celebrities, Mukesh Ambani’s apartment, Antilia, manages to standout like no other. The remarkably structured apartment of this India’s richest family is nestled in South Mumbai’s Altamount Road which is also one of the world’s tallest single-family houses worth $2billion.

The apartment is not just luxurious but also boasts a host of special features that are rare in India. Housing 27 floors, this marvelous apartment has proven to be every architect’s pride and every Indian’s dream home.


What’s so grand about this apartment, is that it houses three helipads, a theatre with an accommodation of 80 guests alongside a massive garage for more than 100 vehicles. To top it all off, it houses an enthralling ballroom and several guest spaces. So royal, isn’t it? But that’s not it. The list can go on forever!

The meeting area is to die for


Back in 2017, when Vogue shot the gorgeous Nita Ambani in her fascinating apartment, we were allowed to sneak into the incredibility of the spiral staircase that led to the meeting area in Antilia. This space that is layered in wood and glass, complemented the photoshoot like never before. Above all, the woven rugs, warm lighting, and aesthetic grandeur of this corner enhanced the shots captured.

Antilia’s elevator is one of a kind


The Ambani’s have never let us down. This time yet again, we were taken aback by the authenticity of their elevator that was blanketed in fabrics made of mirror work. The intricate silver detailing on each wall of the elevator helped us find just the perfect spot for a picture-perfect photoshoot.

Their entertainment area is paradise on earth

Among all the unbelievably beautiful spaces within Antilia, the entertainment area was the largest. This eye-catching zone is adorned with aesthetic décor pieces that reflect its richness and elegance at its best. The large marble staircase, lotus motifs and a gilded pillar of gold here, make this home a paradise on earth!

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