Some mistakes that made IRONMAN more stronger.

IRONMAN Mistakes are a necessary part of life because we get to learn a lot of things from our mistakes and gradually improve them to become more efficient. Tony Stark aka Ironman our fav superhero who sacrificed himself to IRONMAN save the whole universe has also learned much from his mistakes and effectively implemented them in his life. Let us have a look at some of them.
When IRONMAN was captured by the terrorist in Afghanistan he was lost so improving that thing he put GPS tracker in all his suits which we saw in Spiderman Homecoming when Peter found that his suit was being traced by Tony Stark through GPS.

iron-man-second-suit-Mark-II IRONMAN

His second suit Mark II armour has icing problem. When he went higher IRONMAN in atmosphere his suit began to freeze resulting in shout down of all his system then he replaced the metal by Gold-titanium alloy whose freezing point was very low as compared to all the other metals.

We saw how much he had to wait for his Mark V IRONMAN armour to compete Whiplash so he improved that mistake in his Mark VII armour where he could call his suit anywhere with the help of his bracelet. And finally, in Avengers Infinity War, we saw that he carried his complete armour in his Arc Reactor with Nanotechnology.

In Avengers when Thor blasted him with lightning his suit was IRONMAN able to store than energy but he has no option to control and utilise it so he fixed it in his final armour Mark LXXXV IRONMAN in which he put lightning refocused. With its help, he absorbed the lightning energy by MJOLNIR and STORMBREAKER and then redirected it towards Thanos.

Ironman-Mark4 IRONMAN

In Avengers when he saw that it was very difficult for all the Avengers to compete Chittauri Army so he made his own army namely Iron-Legion where he and Jarvi IRONMAN both control that army according to necessity.

When Tony saw that his numerous blasts were failing on Killian and Hulk then he put Nano Blasters in his suit which were able to project a strong beam blast on IRONMAN the enemy.

When he was attacked in his Malibu Mansion in Ironman 3 he saw how he was leading Pepper into danger so made a rescue Suit for Pepper which she finally wore in Endgame.

He added flight stabilizers in his Nanotech Suit because he had felt that he had to use both his hands and feet to stay at a place in the air which made him more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In the Civil War, he saw that he was unable to reach Captain who was in IRONMAN Quinjet so he put Nano thruster in his Mark LXXXV armour which could even catch a spaceship.

Ironman-Civil-War IRONMAN

In the Civil War when his aiming system was destroyed by Captain America, he had to aim himself fixing this he put some auto-aiming missiles in his Nanotech Armour.

In homecoming, he felt that Spiderman has much strength but he needs to be stabilised so he added four claw arms to his suit to stabilize him giving him much more strength in combat.

When Captain America defeated him in close combat in Civil War he upgraded his armour in Infinity War where he put some Close Combat features in his Nanotech Suits such as BatringRam, Shield, a nanotech blade and a nanotech sword.

When he saw that all the superheroes failed to get infinity gauntlet from Thanos he IRONMANupgraded his Mark LXXXV armour in which he put a Natrite relocator where he could only pull infinity stones rather than complete gauntlet which he used in the endgame.

So we saw how Tony Stark improved himself in these years learning from his past mistakes which made him real Superhero.

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