PANDEMIC TRAVEL THOUGHTS, The coronavirus pandemic has mutated all of our worlds, and not just for the short term but actually it will abiding to us. This highly infectious disease is catastrophic to us. In this situation of uncertainty and confusion the only grain of truth is that our mindset of travel, sanitization, and social distancing will change. Here is how traveling will change? chiefly for leisure it will change for all of us.

Pandemic travel thoughts we will have-NewsORB360

1. Aarogya Setu application: It is an application developed by The Government of India to make an essential connection between health services to citizens of India as an aid to fight against Covid-19. As it will frame our travel less hectic as it can detect the places near you are safe or not, the number of people affected near that place and people will use it frequently to get satisfied with the place.

2. Airport check-in and baggage: As the official regulations have been given for air travel that will start on May 25 onwards. It is mandatory to reach the airport 2 hours before the flight’s take-off time and to complete check-in and baggage drop at least 1 hour before the flight.

Pandemic travel thoughts we will have-NewsORB360

3. The travel queue will be lengthy: As we don’t want to get infected while traveling. Social distancing will become our most prior need, the travel queue will be longer as lines will be social-distanced with bringing into the play of barricades and marks to make the separation.

4. Sanitation is foremost: we don’t want to visit such places where we’ll have constant metal battel about the hygiene. We’ll start to prefer hotels that promise a good sanitized environment. We’ll stop exploring new hotels we visit and more likely to carry our own toothbrushes and towels to a hotel.

Pandemic travel thoughts we will have-NewsORB360

5. Society won’t embrace you when you’re sick: even those who convalesce from Covid-19 and have virtuous immunity won’t want to travel with cold or other. The looks you’ll get if you cough or sneeze at an airport or on a plane will be enough to make you feel withering. Social disgrace will put a lot of people off for more no shows on travel days.

Pandemic travel thoughts we will have-NewsORB360

6. You’ll pack contrastingly: we’ll take out a bunch of wet wipes with us wiping down table and chairs before sitting and after take-off. Taking with us few bottles of hand sanitizers or more than few especially on long haul flights, gloves and face masks had to be in stacks as we don’t travel with a bare face.

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