GOOGLE The past two months have taken a huge toll on our health as well as on our faith in humanity. Just as the nation was disgusted to their core with the “Bois Locker Room”, another such indecent incident reveals itself in Kolkata. In this case, young, apparently educated boys of Jadavpur University have taken to uploading naked and semi-naked pictures of their female college fellows in a Google Drive which was within access to many other boys.

On 4th May a Twitter user revealed Souryadeep Basak and accused him of owning a Google drive where he uploaded intimate pictures of women GOOGLE and shared it with fellow boys.

Sharing intimate pictures through google drive in Kolkata-NewsORB360

Recently a group of women mustered their courage and spoke out against the cybercrime they have a victim too. A particular woman said that she came to know about this in 2018 when she messaged a fellow friend to offer GOOGLE solidarity who was speaking up about her sexual harassment story during the wave of #MeToo movement in India. She was shocked to her core to find her own pictures in the drive. She revealed, those pictures were from 2016 and claimed the drive had been in existence since then. She cleared up any confusion by explaining the whole story. She was a fresher and was seeking out to be a part of the debate team. The accused was very popular in college and a member MUN and debate circle in Kolkata. He was known for helping beginners and he offered to help her too. Not long after, he began seeking her out and manipulated her into sending him intimate pictures and sent her unsolicited pictures himself. Soon, it became uncomfortable and stressful for the victim and she avoided him till the probing stopped. She found out he had lied about deleting the pictures and had uploaded it to the Googled instead, to avoid his girlfriend from seeing the pictures of other women.

Sharing intimate pictures through google drive in Kolkata-NewsORB360

She found out, her classmate, Imankalyan Ghosh also had access to the same but never thought of apologizing or revealing the truth to her.

Another victim explained her own story GOOGLE and supported the aforesaid in her claim to justice. She said the pictures which she had shared with an electrical engineering student of JU were also circulated among the boys.

There have been several accusations against Souryadeep Basak. He is known to have taken advantage of his popularity and mess with random female students. He apparently targeted first-year students and tried to get intimate with them and called them “First-Year Fucks” and discussed his ‘conquests’ within his debate circle.

Many women, being inspired by the reveal have opened up about their own harassment by the same person. One particular woman told about Souryadeep advancing sexually propositions to her after consuming alcohol, GOOGLE which she refused. But that didn’t stop him and he asked for “bareback” pictures to satiate his need.

Sharing intimate pictures through google drive in Kolkata-NewsORB360

Souryadeep, in his long online statement, wrote, “I was a wide-eyed, albeit testosterone-fuelled, teenager who felt honored, even overwhelmed in the presence of the smart and beautiful women who had expressed their interest in me… In all seriousness, I was an immature and bratty child in my college days.GOOGLE I could not commit to a relationship to save the life of me…. In my first and second year of college, in an attempt to be socially relevant, I spoke about these short-lived escapades with a misplaced sense of swagger. I should not have been inconsiderate enough to divulge these details like an insecure braggart. I can plead guilty of sharing stories, but never photos that they sent to me in confidence, nor their names…
“I have never objectified women. I may have stored the images on google drive… there was no organized hoarding…away from the prying eyes of my girlfriend, but I have deleted them.”

What is shocking is how normal young men find invading someone’s privacy and trust. It’s shameful that in India a victim gets blamed for her dress or sending pictures in the first place when the actual shame should be in the fact that young men don’t value the trust and have no integrity whatsoever.GOOGLE They are fearless in committing despicable crimes because they know they are protected by society, family, and friends. The problem is the majority of people choose to stay silent instead of voicing against such crimes because they aren’t a part of it.

The reason behind this is mainly the inequality between the genders that has been a part of our existence since ages and has been normalized.

Victims shouldn’t be afraid to voice their struggles and no accused should be exonerated on grounds of gender.

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