Saturday Update: What’s hot at the English Premier League table?

The English Premier League this year has been a roller coaster ride with each team striving to attain success like never before! This Saturday’s match between Liverpool and Southampton was top-notch where Liverpool scored 4-0 over Southampton at Anfield. 

While Liverpool stands as the clear winner in the first position, Manchester City stands in the second as they played against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday. A draw between Chelsea and Leicester City made the next match a little offbeat when they scored 2-2. 

What’s with the scores?

Here are Saturday’s full results to give you a better glimpse of the winning teams and the losing sides

Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

Bournemouth 2-1 Aston Villa

Crystal Palace 0-1 Sheffield United

Liverpool 4-0 Southampton

Newcastle 0-0 Norwich

Watford 2-3 Everton

West Ham 3-3 Brighton

Manchester United 0-0 Wolverhampton

The obstacles were endless

In the first half of the match between Liverpool and Southampton, Liverpool showed little signs of winning as they faced struggles in playing well. But later on, the situation traversed for the contrary and Liverpool made its way through the next match. 

In the Premium league standings, Watford and Norwich City rank the lowest while Liverpool and Manchester City stand at the apex. 

English Premier League

Although Manchester United won the match, the lack of a clear attacker identity was once again a massive problem for the team. But in the end, they made their victory inevitable with sheer dedication and hard work. 

In this way, each match had its own set of ups and downs. While one team struggled to surpass every obstacle the other continued to increase the hurdles for them. Nonetheless, each winning team seems to have a well-deserved victory. 

Let’s hope that this year’s English Premier League continues to surprise us. May the best team win!

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