Animals are the most innocent creations of god yet these poor souls experience a lot of hardships throughout their lives and animals around us have been facing privation since forever and only a few of the humans come up and save these pure souls from the brutality of this inhumane world and the irony is that the humans act in the most inhumane manner against these animals. Recent cases are some of the examples of the brutality animals in India are facing. The case of April a female pregnant dog who was hit by a woman in Bhuvaneshwar which led to the death of April as well as the death of her premature babies. Every day thousands of animals are being killed in order to satiate the human needs. But as we know there is a light of hope even in the darkest of times and hence let us take some time to appreciate these humans who actually realized what humanity is and came up to help these innocent animals.

The way for the animals-NewsORB360

1. Rescuing animals with love from animals in return. Animal Aid India is an animal rescue organization based in Udaipur, India taking care of strays since 2002, it has been receiving a lot of love from animal lovers for their works helping the strays that are sick, injured, stuck or in the need of medical urgency. They gained more popularity worldwide after they started posting videos over Youtube.

2. Internet came together to provide these indie strays a forever loving home. Lovepaws _ranchi an Instagram page based in Ranchi, India has been doing a great job taking care of the strays and proving them their forever home. The admin of the page Manisha Sunwar has been feeding strays even before the onset of the page and trying her level best to help the strays.

The way for the animals-NewsORB360

3. Woman who helped a severely injured dog going abroad. A woman from Russia came to know about a dog shot several times on face by some unknown shooters. She with the help of NGOs led to the traveling of the poor kid from Russia to the U.K. which saved his life and the dog is finally in safe hands.

The way for the animals-NewsORB360

4. Saveafox rescue saving these furry kids and helping people realize the sufferings of wild animals. Saveafox rescue is a nonprofit organization located in central Minnesota founded by Mikayla Raines, their main motive is to save the foxes from fur farms and they have been really successful in doing this so far, they have rescued thousands of fox until now and run a website

5. A video went viral of an old man providing water to a thirsty dog. Recently a video has received a lot of appreciation over the internet where an old man is feeding a stray cupping his own hands. The caption of the video read ‘you have not lived a day until you have done something to someone who can never repay you’

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