Nationalism releasing in your nearest cinema halls since ages…

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates life

                                                                                           -Oscar Wilde

From Border to Uri, Bollywood has always fuelled the feeling of nationalism among the citizens of India. With the current government introducing compulsory national anthem in cinema halls before starting any film has created two parallel narratives in the society. But one thing is sure “The fuelling of Nationalism”. The idea of patriotism and nationalism has changed, claimed, and discussed over the past few years. The shift of movies content from romantic to having some Nationalism content in almost every movie is what makes this era “A Nationalism era” for Bollywood movies.

Here are some movies that purely focus on the Nationalism Ideology. The content not just limited to Bollywood movies but it is also made its remark on OTT platforms for example; Special Ops, Family Man among many others.

Chak De India (2007): while watching a cricket match and the feeling when the Indian flag comes up signifying the Win is surely one of the best feelings. The dialogues of the film, the plot how it builds, each second reminds you of what our players goes through to make that feeling surreal. One of those rare films which is set on our national sports Hockey infact the women’s hockey team. IMDB Rating- 8.2

Airlift (2016): In our Independence stories we have learnt how during the British rule the citizens of India who are living across the globe have formed a community and were continuously fighting for their land. The movie also revolves around this feeling of unity, integrity and the love. How one of the richest person in a country who is a native of India will protect his fellow Indians whose rights are snatched and who are tortured by the country administration through forced labour work. We can say that from Lagaan to Airlift we have surely come a long way. The songs are the heartbeat of this film. It will make you cry and proud at the same time. IMDB Rating- 8

Raazi (2018): our childhood is filled with stories revolve around India- Pakistan unity and the hatred after the partition. The two countries always remain in fighting and wining with each other. Wheather it’s a verbal fight, fight that takes place on LAC or Internal fight. A woman spy from Kashmir married to a Pakistani man just to gather important information so that they can win a war against Pakistan. Lyrics of Raazi song will give you instant motivation of Nationalism “Na mitti par kadam rakhna, nishaan reh jayenge peech tu apni aag mein jalna”. IMDB Rating- 7.8

Uri- The Surgical Strike (2019): The ideology which keeps on increasing has finally reached to its overpowering stage. With a clear message that the globe will see “The picture of New India” this strike was done. In September 2016, the Indian Soldiers have replied to the continuous triggering from Pakistan’s side. The movie revolves around the secret surgical strike which includes planning and the feeling of accomplishing the mission. The dialogues are what highlighted in the movie. IMDB Rating- 8.3.

Since ages, the intensity of the nationalism feeling might have increased but Bollywood has always successful in fuelling that. But looking at current movies it seems like propagating a particular agenda.

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