Meet Farrukh Jafar aka Begum of Gulabo Sitabo

Shujit Sircar’s Gulabo Sitabo is a comedy-drama, and the greed between landlord Mirza (Amitabh Bachchan) and one of his tenants, Bank (Ayushman Khurana) is not good.

They have a kind of relationship, a constant humiliation, an infinite desire to make one another worse, an infinite passion – a person who has lived together for years. Like most of his films, Ayushmann Khurana does exactly his role. As a diverse artist, Amitabh Bachchan has proven that there is no actor to overcome him.

The real stars of the show are Begum, wife of Farooq Zafar Mirza, who is 15 years older than him. Begum is Mirza’s wife, but it was clear that her marriage was a comfortable marriage. However, Begum’s personality and one-liners are a major source of ridicule and humor throughout the film. In addition, he is in constant agreement with his private colleague, Dulla, with his comments on the bank or his communication with her. Husband Mirza, Begum wants to make you happy. When Mirza learns to put her foot in the property papers, she retaliates by covering her fingers with a hook. His infectious, smiling smile gives you a broad smile.

In fact, as revealed in the end, Begum pulls the ultimate ‘Long Angle’ by selling the building to someone else, and tenants led by Mirza or the banks can take advantage of her ancestral property. Mirza knew she was waiting to sell the property until she died. So, at the age of 94, she had sex with her ex-boyfriend Abdul, who sold the building at 1 pm. Because Thea is celebrating at her house, she can’t do everything, and the lawyer is actually selling her property to help the doctor. It is clear from their letter that Gulabo Mirza and Begum are solely responsible for earning their first love – marry each other. Upon learning that she is conspiring with her precious home, she takes matters into her own hands. There is no denying that this is a well-developed character. But 87-year-old Farooq Jaffar gives the character a strong, subtle energy that will prolong his life.

He has only a few dialogues except for the last letter. However, whenever she appears on the screen, when you are happily waiting for her body, your attention immediately turns to her. Radio Bharti Farook Jaafar is part of films like Secret Superstar, Swades, and People Live. She made her film debut in 1981 through Umrao John. She acted as Rekha’s mother. His next role was when Fatima B played in Swades for nearly two decades. She joins a league of actors who are very comfortable in their roles and feel their every move effortlessly. That is why Begum Gulabo Sitabo is an undisputed player.

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