List of online course

1. Social media marketing course- nowadays business will often require marketing employees who can engage on the social media aspects of the marketing even if marketing isn’t a part of your direct role nowadays social media marketing has been a craze in students life they are doing it as a side course this course teaches you the fundamentals of social media marketing with the help you to understand how social dynamics work how to manage social media how to control things what to post what not to post how features can be implemented and how brands can become means through your advertisement or your post even a social media marketing skills will give you a star mark to your CV and attract the employers which will enhance hair growth as well as will recruit you early by looking over it.

2. Adobe Photoshop course -is one of the creative things to learn and even this reached most of the students during this pandemic and many of them have done side courses of Photoshop having Photoshop skills improve your values as an employee as visual content is extremely important in today’s marketing environment and team player to know that how to work with images and will make them favourable for promotion and that will be a true asset to with our company you working for.

3. Creative writing course -udemy offers one of the most comprehensive best creative writing courses with fine on the online platform it teaches students how to use perfect language and made simplicity language accuracy to write great business content and this will help in improving your language skill, writing skill as well as your strong command over grammar and punctuation you will know how amazing sales letter business copying professional emails we can also work as an editing skill this will give you a group to grow more in the company.

4. Google Analytics -Google offers a comprehensive analytics course that will teach how to measure and observe the performance of a website, E-Commerce, mobile app. Google is a giant one in today’s job market place in many of the companies. Google is that position to sell products and services that will give you great growth and will enhance you more and more and optimise the performance of a website and that will be a really valuable asset to your future company. This is pretty much essential if you want to get into digital marketing.

5. Coding course- programming will definitely give you a huge competitive advantage in today’s job market places to know how to go in different languages also that you have problem-solving skills fast thinking and so on Codecademy teaches you the best courses such as HTML basic, CSS basic, web development basics, responsive designing basics, and this skills will give you growth in your resume and employees will love more and win higher as soon as possible just because of your coding skills.

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