Kamya Panjabi Is known for her fearless attitude, here is another example

Kamya Panjabi is known for being fearless when it comes to saying anything. She speaks openly about her own life or speaks about the unfair practices in showbiz.

According to the actor, the mentality of society is still below the level. They really can not accept the woman taking important decisions by herself. In her case, the decision was all about divorcing and remarrying.

While speaking to Hindustan Times, she said, “I’m trolled on social media that ‘in our families, separation and divorce don’t take place’ ‘Divorce is a very painful word, Bhagwan na kare kisi ke saath ho’. Our society uses that word as abuse. If someone is divorced or a single parent or wants to start a new life, they will get trolled, and people will not support them.”

Kamya Panjabi Is Happily Married To Shalabh Dang

As of now, Kamya Panjabi us married to Shalabh Dang. She still has to face the trolling on social media.


She was asked about how she manages these trolls if they affect her. She said, “It makes me stronger. See where I am today, and the kind of work I am doing. I raised my voice, darr ke nahi baithi ‘Oh, I can’t start my life again, or I can’t marry again’. And I did that with a very nice man, I am happy. I didn’t think that I am a woman, so I can’t speak, or I will get trolled if I do.”

She has revealed a lot about people. Kamya Panjabi was vocal about her opinions about the celebs. She said, “I have seen a lot of people, who don’t raise their voice, and I am talking about celebs. ‘Chhodo, kaun bolega’, they think like this. This is how we have been brought up, we run away from things.”

She even added, “It’s a mirror to society and the hard truth. I have seen so many families where the girl is intelligent in studies, but she is married off. If the first child is a girl, the family wants a boy, and another child is born within another year. Women are also beaten. It has also happened that I fight for them, but the girl herself is not taking a stand because she has grown up like that, they don’t take a stand. That’s why I wanted to make a film on this subject, and I also didn’t sell it intentionally, I didn’t want to monetise it.”

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