Improving our COMMUNICATION skills.

Improving our COMMUNICATION skills, Communicating with people is something that we do all the time and it’s so important how we approach somebody, how we talk to them because it’s going to affect how we make them feel. And that’s also gonna affect what they think of us. Here are a few simple and effective ways to increase our confidence and social interaction with people.

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One of the most nerve-racking things about social interactions is trying to figure out what we need to say. In order to be confident you don’t need to be funny all the time. What can actually help to take-off a lot of the pressure is if we don’t just talk but if we listen instead, asking people to talk about themselves, encouraging them to keep speaking by asking thoughtful questions. You see the secret to being interesting is actually just be interested. People feel most comfortable around us when we show genuine interest in them and in things they are interested in.

Improving our communication skills-NewsORB360

We tend to subconsciously express how we feel through our body language. So feeling a little bit nervous we tend to kinda closeup, we hunch the shoulders forward, cross our arms and legs this will makes us feel timid. But if we open up or stand, standing tall, shoulders back and chin up it makes us feel more confident. Smiling is another big one, it’s the first way to tell somebody we like them and usually a smile is met with a smile it’s contagious.

Genuine praise
One of the biggest drives that we humans have is to feel appreciated. And We tend to like people who share their appreciation with us a little bit more. Just sharing your appreciation, in general, is one of the kindest things we can do.

Improving our communication skills-NewsORB360

It’s all in the name
It’s important to not only remembering the name but also actively using it in a conversation. A person’s name is part of who they are, and by saying it we acknowledge them which makes them feel important and helps to build connection as well. Actively use a person’s name once or twice throughout the conversation.

So, summarize it our level of confidence and ability to connect with people it can happen in many ways, through our body language, how we listen, how we communicate, what we say, our behavior and so on.

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