Hela Or Thanos: Strongest villain in MCU

The Strongest villain, A question that arouses in every MCU’S fan’s mind is that who is more powerful and stronger Hela ( Goddess of death) or Thanos who just wiped half the population of the universe with just a snap. Here are some facts that will help you understand this consequence.


In Thor: Ragnarok we have already seen how Hela first child of Odin and Goddess of Death destroyed one of the most powerful weapons of the universe Mjolnir. Hela was stronger than all of the previous foes including Malekith, Loki, and Ultron. Thor wasn’t able to defeat Hela therefore he used a trick and brought back Surtur the fire demon who destroyed Hela along with Asgard. One thing worth noticing is that Hela never wore any armor but Thanos used to wear it. Also he used to carry a weapon double-edged sword but Hela himself was enough she didn’t needed any weapon because it was her ability to construct any sword any moment and she was very trained in hand to hand combat.

We all saw how much effort Thanos had to put to destroy Captain America’s shield but Hela destroyed Mjolnir with ease without putting any effort. Now I don’t need to tell anyone that Uru metal is far more stronger than Vibranium. So it’s very easy to decide who is more stronger.


We have also noticed one thing that when Captain America gave Thanos an electrical shock with the help of Mjolnir he struggled a lot to get back to fight but when Thor gave Hela the most powerful lightning strike ever but nothing happened to her she immediately struck back Thor and was back into combat within milliseconds.

Now one more question that arouses here is that why it took all the superheroes to come together to beat Thanos so let me tell you that Hela was killed along with the destruction of Asgard by Surtur because Asgard the Power Source of Hela as told by Odin so technically Thor never beat Hela but we already know this that Thor had nearly beaten him in Infinity War. And he was the one who chopped of Thanos’s head with Stormbreaker.

The Strongest villain, So we can easily come to the point that Hela is far more stronger than Thanos.

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