Food Insecurity

food insecurity
Food Insecurity

One of the basic and needed factors for a man to survive with content well-being is to live without food insecurity. It is important to be noticed as a social issue to find where and how it has been caused and to produce the needed changes for a better society.

Causes of food insecurity:
We can tell various causes of food insecurity but the most basic and important one is less agricultural productivity. Right from irrigation facilities, and technological improvement, to the output rate, everything should be checked and needed to be corrected. Climate change is also one of the indirect reasons for improper cultivation and just because of this, food availability would be affected.
On the other side, migration is also the cause actually, just because of proper education and job opportunities people are driving towards cities and towns for varied opportunities. Thus overpopulation seemed to be occurring various problems in some areas, which has resulted in improper sanitation, and lack of hygiene facilities, and it has also resulted in food unavailability.

Effects of food insecurity:
Improper and unavailability of nutritious food
Hunger is one of the basic effects of food insecurity, where the concerned people who are under the poverty line seemed to be more affected. Many schemes and policies have also been established to eradicate this poverty level and to get proper nutritious food so that mainly small children won’t get affected by malnutrition and other nutritional disorders.
The other common effect, that would prevail because of food insecurity is a price increase. Just because of this, the price of all commodities would enhance automatically. One or the other way, it affects employment also, which results in unemployment for most workers because of instability.
Food insecurity has also seemed to be affecting our health so adversely. It has multiple chances to create chronic illnesses actually like obesity, hypertension, and other disorders related to cardiac also.

Ways to reduce food insecurity:
It is very important to seek ways to reduce insecurity because if its rate increases there would be a lot of crisis. The first and foremost thing which everyone can easily proceed towards the best remedy is reducing food waste. We should not waste our food and it is necessary to use it in the right way. According to the report provided by fao, it is said that 1.3million tonnes of food have been wasted each year. Trade policies should be improved by the government and new programs should be started in the way to help the poor farmers, where new techniques should be taught for their welfare of them. On the other side, changes in climatic conditions would also affect food production and thus food sustainability is also important.

From this, we can conclude how food insecurity is being caused and its causes and effects. The various schemes and policies that are in process should be checked whether it has been used effectively or not and thus it is our responsibility to do the most needed measures to eradicate this worse situation.

Name:Josephine Shalini S

Class: III rd yr BA Eng

Institution:Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Tamilnadu.

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