First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump tested positive

First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump have tested positive for coronavirus.

According to a tweet, President Trump on Friday stated that his wife Melania and he himself is positive for COVID 19 with some mild symptoms and both are quarantined.

This announcement has plunged the country deep into uncertainty in just. A month before the presidential election.

According to the White House Physician, he stated that “The President is expected to continue carrying out his duties without disruption. While recovering.

Further, An official added that” The president has experienced mild symptoms but was working from White house residence”.

Trump who spent much of the year with the threat of a virus which has killed more than 2,05,000 Americans.

According to the White House, they said, ” A top aide who travelled with him this week was tested positive “.

Trump’s tweet said that “Tonight (at)FLOTUS and I have been tested positive for coronavirus, we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately adding that, “we will get through this together”.

According to the spokesman of the Vice president, He was tested negative and is good with health.

On Friday, many White House seniors administration officials underwent a COVID test but the full scale of the outbreak around the president was not known for some time and it can be a day for an infection to be noticeable by a test and tracing is on the process and are trying to find out the presidents contact.

While Trump was last seen by reporters returning to White House on Thursday and he didn’t appear visibly ill, said an official statement.

Physicians memo mentioned that, Trump -74 years old where the First Lady is 50 “Are both well at this time and planned to remain at home within the white house during their convalesce”.

Just a few weeks before the election Trump desperately tried to convince the American public that the worst pandemic was behind them.and this diagnosis marked a devastating blow for him and put his participation into doubt for a presidential debate which was scheduled for October 15 in Miami.

According to a tweet, Biden and his wife tweeted on Friday that,” send our thoughts to President Trump and First lady Melania Trump for their swift recovery”.Further adding that “we will continue to pray for health and safety of the President and his family”.and many more leaders offered well wishes for Trump and his family.

Not only Trump, many World leaders tested positive, but earlier British prime minister- BORIS JOHNSON, Brazil president -JAIR BOLSONARO were also infected from the virus.

This development came from Hope Hicks, one of Mr Trump’s closest aides who tested positive, Trump tweeted that, ” Hope Hicks who has been working so hard without even Taking a small break is positive, Terrible!”.

According to the latest tweet by President Trump, it states that “I am going to Walter Reed Hospital, I think I am doing very well, we are going to make sure that things work out”, said the tweet.

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