Congress, on Saturday, told their sacked deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot that the argument presented by him in court which stated that he was with his party is ironic. This is because he claimed of being with his party all the while seeking support from Haryana which is under a BJP government, the police force of Haryana and lawyers associated to the Bharatiya Janta Party. While condemning Pilot, the Congress also accused BJP of conducting an “Operation Lotus” in Rajasthan.

The spokesperson of the AICC, Pawan Khera said, “What is the reason that Pilot has more trust in Haryana Police than Rajasthan Police, that on one hand you are telling the court that you are in Congress and then you are sheltered by BJP in Haryana? What is the reason that top lawyers affiliated to BJP are proving in court that these MLAs belong to Congress and then they are helped by BJP to escape the Rajasthan Police from the hotel backdoor to avoid giving voice samples? Now, we hear these MLAs can be taken to the BJP-rules Karnataka.”

There has been a bid to attach Sachin Pilot to BJP amidst the court battle where the camp of Pilot has challenged the disqualification notices given by Congress and said that they were still in the party and could not be accused of activities against the party interests for merely questioning the style of functioning of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot.

In reaction to BJP’s remarks about “illegal” phone taps alleging the discussion of horse-trading, Pawan Khera replied, “We are witnessing daylight murder of democracy by BJP in Rajasthan. BJP’s only grievance is that when they were murdering democracy, why were they getting recorded and if they were getting recorded, was it legal? It is like a murderer claiming that the witness who saw him committing the murder and who informed police, violated the privacy of the murderer by peeping into his room when he was committing the crime. The shamelessness of this admission is also very shocking.”

Making light of BJP’s accusations against the Rajasthan government of tapping their phones illegally, Khera said that the protagonists of the ‘snoopgate’ are at the pinnacle of power now. The AICC lamented that the intentions of BJP to gain power through illegal means is dubbed by commentators as reflections of the “fire in the belly” of the BJP leadership though in reality, it is doing the job of “actually burning the Constitution”.

The chief of BSP Ms. Mayawati has demanded for President’s rule in the state of Rajasthan. With respect to her claims, Khera said, “We should not comment on the helplessness of a leader. She has her own reasons, her own compulsions, her own fears, which forces her to come out with such comments to help the BJP.

Sachin Pilot was the President of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee before being sacked and had represented the Tonk assembly seat in Rajasthan from 2018.

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