BOYS LOCKER ROOM, On 20th March 2020 half of India was consoled for a very short period of time when four convicts of Nirbhya gang rape executed. A relief that may be such acts of brutality will never be repeated and if repeated then adequate justice will be served.

But recently a shameful act flared like a forest fire by an Instagram group named “Boys locker room” and has put a full stop on this kind of thought.

This group was created to share private photos of girls, to pass disgusting comments, to body shaming and objectifying them, and to plan gang rapes against them.

Mostly photos that had been shared were of minors or under-aged girls. The most disheartening thing about the whole issue was that many girls have found to be part of that group and even didn’t stop those misogynists from slutting her own gender.

The boys belong to prominent schools of the national capital and this invalidates our belief that a better Education system has nothing to do with respect to women and won’t be able to put an end to the rape culture in India at large. Thankfully, this recent exposure tends testimony to the sick mindset that one section of Indian society has and how capital punishment and consolidated education system is not sufficient to eliminate rape culture from India.


The question arises here is that if not education then what pertains such mindset among youngsters or those who perform such acts with such audacity—-

Some of the reasons may be like —

▪️ Patriarchal conditioning and stereotypes that instilled inside the minds of children.
▪️ Lack of encouragement and platforms to victims and a lot of discouraging elements including society, family etc..who traumatized them by saying that ‘this is not new to the society and thus ignore this’, has made living in oppression a way of life to women at one hand and popularized rape culture in the patriarchal misogynist society at another hand.
▪️ Considering sex-education and sex- talk as a stereotype and out of our culture has emboldened such practices and making it a private kind of discussion.
▪️ And last but the most important is decreasing standards of parenthood with no such basics norms like value, respect, equality, dignity etc..


This is very horrifying and mortifying for us as a society that sexualization and objectifying women has been a culture for the ages now. We often found many among us who defame women and treat them as a toy. There are also many among us who don’t defame or shame women but are silently watching all these and one instruction for them that when you stay silent to a crime happening right Infront of you that does not make you any less than a criminal. We have to understand that propagating ideas against the gang rape and sexual harassment will not bring a full stop to crime against women. Each and every time when we portray women as a weaker section, female sexuality as shameful we are very well promoting rape culture in our country. Sex is no taboo to be ashamed of but the planning of rape is! This was the just one Boyslockerroom that get exposed from private to public but there must be thousands of such Boyslockerroom on various social media platform. Isn’t it the duty of parents and teachers to imparting ethical values in those mentally sicked people and teaching them about the constructive use of social media. Time has gone for biased excuses now it’s high time to
Impart them Values!
Teach them Respect!

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