Here are few lists of movies which has 9 + ratings on IMDB when Amazon Prime has queued up and an impressive number of new movies and TV shows releases on the month of November once you are on the app you will always feel flying There is nothing good enough to watch it isn’t an isolated really weather while scrolling through some apps like Netflix,  Sony LIV, Disney +, Hotstar as well as on a bad day  even on YouTube so you don’t it filled with the movie to watch here are some list of movies which can watch

1. The Shawshank Redemption – Amazon Prime IMDB 9.3 rating. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman deliver the performance of a lifetime in his 1994 film directed by Frank Darabont. The story Tales the unjust convention of a Banker and they played by Robbins with sentenced to life in Shawshank state penitentiary for the murders of wife and her love he means that played by Freeman and forms and incompatible bond of friendship he also offers to have the prison staff with financial woes and ends up becoming a part of a much larger corruption plan all while planning a daring escape from the hell hole has been sent.

2.The Godfather- Amazon Prime, IMDB rated 9.2, This movie set in 1940 is a God Father narrates the n  lives of the members of the family a solution American crime family of the most organised nature the patriarch of the family is bitter who teaches his sons everything that they need to know about the base and also how to make an offer no one can refuse the first part not only introduces the US to the family but also charged the exception of the firstborn on Michael played by Al Pacino to his father’s Throne this is an intensely dramatic event

3. The Godfather 2 – Amazon Prime, IMDB rated 9. The second part of the godfather franchise has also made it to the 9 + on IMDB. The charts rise in New York City is a crime, Syndicate 20 years before his event full death while simultaneously Michaels efforts to expand his father’s network And Hold Tight command over the family is business.

4. The Dark Knight – Amazon, IMDB rated 9, released in 2008 is a cinematic Masterpiece by Christopher Nolan the story follows the most Epic showdown between the Batman played by Christian Bale and joker in superhero history the plot follows Joker sudden rise to power got him trying bank and Batman physical and psychological torment to overcome Joker and his ways it also gives rise to another current Batman villain too faced.

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