Ageing like fine wine

I am old but I am forever young at heart. We are always the same age inside. Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, you can only live it once. Do not regret growing older it’s a privilege denied to many! – Richard Gere

How many of us wanted to get older when we were kids. And now getting older terrifies us. Ageing comes with severe consequences; wrinkles, white hair and a complete change in our physical personality. While many of us don’t want to get old only to not look older; here are ten Bollywood celebrities for whom age doesn’t suit their personality. When we say; “wine improves with age so does these celebrities”.

Akshay Kumar

An actor who is one of the finest action heroes of Bollywood is 53 years old. Looking at his movies and the kind of roles he plays effortlessly will definitely give you Fitness goals. The actor once said “My age doesn’t bother me, it bothers others”- Surely! How can someone maintain to be so young? The actor follows a healthy lifestyle where he avoids Bollywood late-night parties, use bicycle and perform yoga and exercise.

Salman Khan

Even today if a man tries to act smart with his looks he is countered by saying- what do you think you are Salman khan? This just confirms the charm of The Salman Khan which rules the heart of ladies and men even today. The 54-year-old actor is still competing to various young actors in the race of most handsome eligible bachelorettes in India.

Shahrukh Khan

An actor who is 54 years old and not classically handsome, he once quoted that he is too dark skin to be handsome; certainly, it is not true. His dreamy eyes can still make girls go crazy on him, his smile along with fine curve on his cheeks can make anyone’s day even today. His charisma is not just limited to his looks but his character as well. The actor who likes to read and seems to be well-informed talks really well which is just improving with age and therefore continues to be the most romantic hero who is the King of heart.

Sunil Shetty:

It’s not easy to tell his age looking at his picture. His daughter Athiya Shetty recently debut in Bollywood and look at him he keeps on becoming hotter and sexier. Indeed! He is 56. Let that hit home! A year ago, a photoshoot that he did begin making adjusts on the web and everybody by and large lost their hearts out subsequent to seeing his stunning change.

Saif Ali Khan

From his attractive dressing sense to his charming personality, everything about him makes him The Nawab of Bollywood. He is also known as “Nawab of Pataudi”. Saif Khan’s first appearance on the TV screen was for a TV commercial for Gwalior Suiting where he indeed exuded his royal charm and won many hearts and keeps on winning even till date.

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