The Face of the Bois Locker Room

The Bois locker room screenshots, and the screenshots from the Snapchat conversation where a boy can be seen planning to rape a girl shook everybody to the core. Women, girls everywhere put up stories to support the victims and show the members of the group their place.

But the accused’s response to this was different from what you would expect it to be. Instead of apologizing like normal civilized human beings, the boys turned around and made a new page. The page threatens the girls that had the courage to say something to leak nude pictures of them. An Instagram page called bois lockerroom2.0 has come up and is showing people exactly how vile people can be.

In addition to this, one of the girls whose voice made it big, was caught in the middle of another controversy when screenshots of her bullying other people were released. She can be seen making slurs offensive to members of the LGBT community, the differently-abled, and women. Slut-shaming, colorism, body shaming, homophobia, all from girls people looked up to. Fake activists being exposed left and right.


The Instagram community is enraged to say the least. Boys, scared for girls. Girls, scared for themselves. People are split up, unable to decide what to believe and what to discredit. But in a positive turn of event, most people are condemning all of the above. The members of the Bois locker room. The people in the second group. The two-faced ‘activists’, pseudo-feminists, all of them are being called out.

The people hope for quick action on this matter, and the boys will probably soon be arrested. Even though it pains one’s heart to see young children behave in this manner, we need to understand how we got here as a society.

Young girls are told to cover up, even in their own houses to protect them from negative looks from men (who frankly shouldn’t even be in the house if they cannot control themselves). Women are told to stay quiet about their experiences of abuse to avoid tarnishing their image. Mouth are being covered, and actions, nay crimes, are being justified with ‘boys will be boys’. This is the root of all problems. It’s time for the patriarchy to end.

And you question the need for Feminism.

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