The concept of ‘The Bois Locker Room’

Trigger warnings- Rape, sexual assault, bullying. For so long, the concept of ‘boys locker room talk’ has not just been justified, it has been glorified. But even after society, for centuries, has taught us that ‘boys will be boys’, it is disturbing, to say the least when we find out about group chats like ‘boiz locker room’.

The Bois Locker Room, The name is an understatement for how bad it could possibly be. This group consists solely of objectifying, perverted guys, some of them being adults, who are openly slut-shaming girls and making vulgar comments about them. Sharing pictures of girls, comparing sizes, talking about whether or not the girls are ‘easy’, are only some of the disgusting things being done in this disgusting group of disgusting people. They didn’t even stop at that. They stooped so low as to be sharing nude pictures of girls that trusted them enough to send to them. Their friends are coming out in support of the inactive members of the group and even the active members were being given ways to save face.


A new group was then formed that even included some girls (most of whom have been accused of bullying) who were figuring out ways to get out of this situation, trying to find out who exposed the group and not acting even a bit apologetic. These screenshots went viral and the people accused then posted stories defending themselves. Their immediate reaction (barring some) was not to apologize, but to fight back. I couldn’t possibly be the only one who can hear the bells ringing in the background and people yelling shame.

Similarly, a personal chat screenshot came up where a person can be seen saying “We could so easily rpe her; let’s do it, I’ll call her to my place and a couple other guys and then we can gang r*pe her.” These screenshots are said to not be related to the group chat but are as nerve-wracking as the latter.

This enraged many on Instagram and Twitter. Screenshots and a list of members of the group were made public and shared with everyone to the extent that it was brought to the notice of the police and the matter is now being looked into.

Events like these are nothing but proof of what people quintessentially are. However, there is light in the darkness. People have taken to the internet to take a stand and screamed for the people at the back that they will not be pulled down. That bullies will be put in their places.

That boys. Will. Be. Held. Accountable. For. Their. Actions.

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